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  • masina  de gheata, gheata fulgi, fulgi de gheata uscati, gheata concasata,masini gheata concasata
  • masina  de gheata, gheata fulgi, fulgi de gheata uscati, gheata concasata,masini gheata concasata

Descriere SCALA SC 10 TONE:
SCALA ESTE CONSIDERATA CEA MAI FIABILA MASINA DE GHEATA CONCASATA DIN LUME Gama Scala foloseste sitemul cilindru static vertical pentru producerea fulgilor de gheata . Cutia de viteze, carcasa, şi dispozitivele de protecţie ale motorului au fost proiectate într-un special pentru a oferi cea mai fiabila masina de gheata din lume. Masina dispune de control panel centra, protectie lipsa apa. Masina este conceputa pentru uz intens industrial unde este nevoie de mari cantitati de gheata concasata. Accesul la piesele importate este extrem de facil. Masina produce fulgi de gheata uscati cu grosimea de 1.5-3 mm, cu o temperatura de -5 -10 grade Clesius, perfecti pentru uz industrial, catering sau industria pestelui. ITV has designed the new SCALA range specially for you and thinking about the various applications of this type of ice, from the Industrial use to the catering industry, in every model configuration (compact, remote unit or to be connected to a cooling unit). The inner part of this reliable industrial ice flake machine has a functional design, based on a static cylinder with no gyratory joints and with an ice blade that wedges the ice off without stress. These are machines with low maintenance and long life, because the machine is made with corrosion-resistant components,light and highly resistant. The cylindrical shape design of the "Helical Reamer" makes this industrial flake ice machine the most compact of the market. Main features: Electronic stop system - Control panel - Direct attack gear motor - Submerged Water Pump - Lack of water security - Generator stainless steel base –Expanded Polyurethane Insulation - Centred Upper-bearing – Ice Deflector Tray – Homogeneous Water Distributor – Electronic control for detection of the other way round turn of the gear motor, tips of current or high temperature for excess of stress in the gear box and full bin.

Productivitate: 10000 kg / 24 h

Capacitate: 0 kg

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Producator: WESSAMAT
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